Evolution ClassesEdit

When your Neosaur is first born, it will be exploring the world as a Hatchling. During this time, you are able to use Skills from all three classes. This time is best spent experimenting with skills and deciding which class your Neosaur will evolve to. When it reaches Level 10, you can choose its evolution.


The Rex class is the class that is said to have the most "Power"
Classes rex

Features of Rex class.


  • It has a higher attack stat compared to any other classes
  • The buffs are specialized in increasing the strength stat of the class
  • It has fire property skills that allows damage over time


The Cera class is said to be the "Tank"
Classes cera

Features of Cera class.

  • The class consists of high CON stats that allows high health and defense
  • The buffs are specialized in increasing CON stats and increasing magical defense.
  • The skills are Earth magic which enables a chance to stun the enemy

is a class of magical attacks, but has weak physical attacks. It is said to be the "Mage".

Classes ptera

Features of Ptera class.

  • It has an Electric Bubble attack, which has high chance of causing shock status
  • It has Icicle Drop, which has a chance to freeze the enemies for a while.
  • It has a good HP regeneration attack.

Awakened ClassesEdit

At level 40+, players can awaken to the 2 awakened classes of their evolved class, at level 50+, players can transform to their chosen awaken class.

There are 6 new classes for the Neosaur classes.

Rex can turn into a Berserker or a Pyro-Drake.

Cera can turn into an Impaler or an Earth Guardian.

Ptera can turn into an Aeromancer or a Frost Warden.

Beserker Focuses claws and fangs

Pyro-drake Focuses on Fire magic

Impaler Focuses Horns and Head

Earth guardian Focuses Earth magic

Aeromancer Focuses Air magic

Frost Warden Focuses Ice magic and Healing